Greening Your Gift-Giving this Christmas

The festive season is upon us and with it comes the joy of giving and receiving gifts.

But the spirit of giving can sometimes lead to taking a little too much from our environment or sending a little more to landfill. Embracing a more sustainable approach to gift-giving can have a positive impact on the environment and bring extra meaning to your holiday celebrations too! Here is a guide to greening your gift-giving this Christmas. 

With so many fun things to do and see in our local area, a gift voucher for a local experience is one of our favourite ways of keeping waste at bay this Christmas. Of course, we love the added bonus of it supporting our wonderful local businesses! Keen for some inspiration for which experience to gift? Check out Port Macquarie Info’s local ‘See and Do’ map.

Who said gifts need to be new? Op-shops, antique stores, and online marketplaces are treasure troves of unique items waiting for a second life. By choosing a thoughtful pre-loved gift, you’re not just giving an item a second life, you’re often also supporting a good cause. Whether it’s a charity through an op-shop, the small business owner of your local antique store, or even little extra pocket money for the seller on a marketplace, pre-loved purchases give a double-impact when it comes to greening your gift-giving.

Think you’re not creative enough for DIY gifts? Think again! Upcycling doesn’t need to be complicated. Have you been hoarding old glass jars? Give them a good soak then fill them with some home-baked goodies for a tasty treat. Refashion that old t-shirt into a reusable shopping bag or turn an old tea-towel into a portable cutlery holder. And, of course, what child doesn’t find some joy in a good old sock puppet! Take a look around your house for unwanted items and materials then hit your favourite search engine for some upcycling inspiration.

Of course, we’re all about supporting our local retail businesses and there are so many wonderful gift ideas you can find locally that are fun to give and still good for our planet. Try to avoid one-time use or joke presents that are just destined to take up space in the back of a cupboard and eventually head to the tip. Instead, look for gifts that you can see enjoying a long life in your recipient’s home. Opt for quality over quantity and try for items that aren’t covered in unnecessary packaging.

Greening your gift wrapping

Chosen your green gifts and it’s time to get wrapping? Don’t let all that hard work fall over by using single-use wrapping paper! There are many creative zero-waste wrapping options. Grab an old sheet and try your hand at the Japanese art of furoshiki (fabric wrapping). Old magazines and newspapers make great re-purposed wrapping paper or if you do buy new, opt for a gift bag that can be kept and re-used. 

Remember to 'Recycle Right'!

Greening your gift-giving is a great way to take strides towards a waste-free Christmas, although we appreciate there will likely still be some rubbish at the end of festive celebrations.

To help you send less to landfill, Council will be offering an extra Yellow bin service between Monday, 25 December – Friday, 5 January. Simply put your yellow bin out on your collection day both weeks during these datesDomestic red and green bin collection will be as normal. 

Not sure what belongs in which bin? Don’t be a wishcycler! Download our Waste Info App or head to Council’s website for an A-Z guide to what goes in which bin so you can ‘recycle right’!

Thanks for joining our efforts to send less to landfill by going a little greener this festive season. Wishing you a very eco-friendly, merry Christmas and a safe and happy holiday season. 

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