Interactive Water Map

Be one of the first to view our new interactive water map. Click around and get a tour inside some of our water and wastewater facilities to learn more about this important infrastructure.

This map has been developed to give the community insight into the complex and often overlooked water and wastewater infrastructure that Council manages. It contains 360 degree tours inside some of our facilities, videos from plant operators, information about infrastructure, images, historical videos and more.

Our drinking water network consists of a range of facilities and infrastructure to pump, store sanitize and transport water from the river to your home. From pumping stations, water treatment facilities, reservoirs and dams, this infrastructure ensures there is always clean water available when you turn on the tap. Explore the map to get an insight about the journey water takes from the river to your home. 

Our wastewater network is just as important consisting of pipes, pumping stations and treatment facilities to collect and treat wastewater coming from homes and businesses. Click on a wastewater treatment facility and learn about the highly complex biological and physical processes that turn wastewater into clean water that can be safely released in to the environment. 

Access the map in our resource section or if you’d prefer a full screen experience, click here.

Note: in the interest of providing this map to the public as soon as possible some parts are still under construction, but check back regularly as more 360 images and videos will be added soon.

We hope you enjoy exploring our water and wastewater infrastructure. If you want to learn more and get a first-hand look inside our facilities, join us on a water facilities tour.

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