Native Plant of the Month : Arytera divaricata

Arytera divaricata is also commonly known as Coogera or Rose Tamarind and is part of the Family Sapindaceae

These showy trees are most common near to the coast and occur from Port Stephens in New South Wales to Atherton in Queensland, often in quite dry situations. The new growth is very showy and can cover the trees in pink. Tree height varies considerably across the variety of habitats.

Photo: Judith Marcus
An ornamental plant

This is a good ornamental tree and works well as an attractive hedge. 

The flowers are creamy in colour which mature to a capsule fruit with three lobes.

The fruits are yellow capsules splitting open to reveal shiny black seeds wrapped in a bird attracting fleshy red arils. Their ripening period is winter through to spring.

New foliage is ovate in shape, hairy and leathery, though they start life hanging limply in attractive shades of red, pink then yellow, maturing to a darker green. In spring this new foliage is very attractive and makes a nice extra feature.

The Coogera is an important host species for the Lycaenid butterfly Nacaduba berenice, the Large Purple Line-blue, whose larvae consume the flowers

Opportunity for a free swap - weed for native

The environmental weed, Mickey Mouse plant (Ochna serratifolia) will be showing bright shiny black fruit and red bracts at this time of the year. Help the environment and take this invasive weed from your garden and replace it with this native. It is also a good replacement for the other popular hedge Indian Hawthorn (Rhaphiolepis indica).

Bring this brochure and photo evidence of the removal of the Mickey Mouse Plant and or Indian Hawthorn to the Landcare Nursery to participate in the weed swap.

Landcare nursery

The nursery has a wide supply of native plants available. Learn more about the nursery at

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