Native Plant of the Month: Hard Corkwood

Hard Corkwood - Endiandra sieberi; Fruit and leaves: Photographer Peter Woodard, Hard Corkwood bark: . Photographer John Tann, Cronulla, Sydney,

Hard Corkwood a tall native local

Hard Corkwood is a fairly common tree growing on sandy soils in moist eucalypt forest or on the edge of littoral rainforest.  It has hard corky bark and is often festooned with epiphytes such as the elkhorn ferns (see image below).  It is an attractive tree growing to 15m tall with a dark green crown and is one of the many types of laurel trees (Family Lauraceae) which grow in our moist forests, particularly our rainforests.

Birds love it's black fruit

White flowers in winter-spring are followed by succulent black fruit which are eaten by birds. This is the time of year when it produces fruit, but like many rainforest trees the quantity of fruit and which trees are fruiting varies from year to year. 

It is frost sensitive and requires a protected, well-drained position in sun or shade.   

Spot Hard Corkwood around town

Good specimens can be seen along Marks Trail in Lake Innes Nature Reserve (the track running south from the Crestwood Drive playground) and at the northern Wyandra Crescent entrance to Kooloonbung Creek Nature Park. 

Landcare nursery
The nursery has a wide supply of native plants available, including at time the Hard Corkwood. Learn more about the nursery at
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