Native Plant of the Month : Rose Myrtle

Archirhodomyrtus beckleri, more commonly known as Rose Myrtle, is a member of the Myrtaceae family.

Usually seen as a small and lightly foliaged shrub, the Rose Myrtle can grow to a 15m tree in ideal rainforest situations but more commonly 3 to 5 metres in its natural habitat (a bit smaller in cultivation).  The weight of the glossy “drip-tipped” leaves, paired neatly down the stems, causes the smaller branches to arch over, giving a very pretty effect. Like many species in the myrtle family, they contain aromatic oils which are very noticeable when the leaves are crushed.

Glossy Drip-tipped leaves
Bird and Insect attracting

The delightful little pale to mid-pink flowers are followed by shiny green berries not quite the size of peas. These mature to orange or scarlet, and are sweet. A lot of native fruits are better tasting in seasons of good rainfall, but the little Rose Myrtle berries tend to insipidness when it is wet and are more flavourful, (although often fewer in number), in drought.  The Rose Myrtle is a great plant to attract both bird and insects.

Resilient in most soils but not keen on frost!

Found from valley floors to Eucalypt ridge tops, sites either shaded or sunny suit them, and they are not fussy as to soil, but anything worse than the lightest of frosts will damage them severely. They make a very pretty small tub specimen and are ideal for a hedge or screen.

Opportunity for a free swap - weed for native

If you have Wild Tobacco in your garden, Rose Myrtle a great replacement as the food source for the numerous birds that would be visiting your garden would not be diminished. 

Bring this brochure and photo evidence of the removal of the Wild Tobacco to the Landcare Nursery to receive a free Rose Myrtle plant.

Landcare nursery

The nursery has a wide supply of native plants available. Learn more about the nursery at

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