Native Plant of the Month: Rosewood

Rosewood is a very large rainforest tree reaching nearly 50 metres in height in mature rainforest reserves such as Boorganna Nature Reserve on the Comboyne Plateau.  Some fine specimens occur along the boardwalk in Sea Acres National Park and many remnant trees can be seen growing in paddocks over the whole of the Comboyne. 

 In the absence of eucalypts, Rosewood was often cut in the past for fence posts there and the cut timber can retain its rose fragrance for at least 100 years.

In an open situation outside its rainforest habitat, it will grow as a tree to 20m tall x 15m wide.

Rosewood has dense attractive foliage and creamy white to pale mauve fragrant flowers anytime from April until December.  It prefers rich well-drained soil in full or part sun but young plants need to be protected from frost.

Rosewood is a good shade tree for larger gardens and parks. It has durable timber, is resistant to termites, and is excellent for carving and cabinet work.  However it is now protected in all designated rainforest patches on public and private land.  It is in the same family as Red Cedar (Meliaceae). 

Landcare nursery

Rosewood is often available for sale at the Landcare Community Nursery.

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