Native Plant of the Month: Syzygium australe

Brush cherry (Syzygium australe) generally grows as a small bushy tree in gardens, up to 6m tall, but along creeks in rainforest it can grow to a medium to large tree to 30 metres tall. It has rounded, bright glossy green leaves with white flowers in Summer-Autumn, followed by profuse, large, fleshy red edible fruits, often made into jams.

It is one of a number of species of Lilly Pilly which are common in the rainforests of our region and whose fruits are readily eaten by rainforest pigeons, bowerbirds, figbird and flying foxes. They are all members of the very large Myrtle family (MYRTACEAE) which also includes the Eucalypts, Melaleucas and Callistemons.
It grows best in moist well-drained soil in sun or part shade. It is strongly recommended as an alternative to the popular but weedy Murraya for a thick hedge and screen (see photo) and can also be a suitable container plant.

Landcare nursery

The nursery has a wide supply of native plants available, including the Brush cherry. 

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