Parks and Open Spaces quietly electrified!

Who likes the noise or smell of petrol-powered tools to maintain hedges and grassed areas?

The electric hedge trimmers, blowers, and whipper-snippers are incredibly quiet and emit no fumes or exhaust. Many would not know that our Parks and Open Spaces team have been utilizing them alongside conventional tools for nearly a decade now! According to their Coordinator, Trent, these electric alternatives are not only easier to maintain and operate but also cheaper and lighter.

This shift isn’t just about convenience; it’s a significant step toward enhancing staff safety and wellbeing. Furthermore, it aligns perfectly with our newly adopted Community Strategic Plan’s Vision of becoming “The most liveable, sustainable, and innovative place in Australia.”

Perhaps you’ve already begun using some of these electric-powered tools, or maybe you’re considering it? Electrifying your fossil-fuelled equipment and charging them with 100% Accredited Greenpower (available from your energy retailer) or during the day (if you have solar panels) can further reduce their environmental impact

Currently 43% of properties in our LGA have solar panels and Council has 14 sites with them and more coming soon!

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