Rawdon Island Bridge: Repair and protect

A bridge and microbats - a win for both!

Creating a plan and making it happen has benefited the local colony of Myotis Macropus (Large-footed Myotis) - our microbats.

Prior to undertaking repair works to the Rawdon Island Bridge, Port Macquarie-Hastings Council identified a significant colony of Myotis Macropus (Large-footed Myotis) roosting under Rawdon Island Bridge. This is a species of vesper bat and is one of only two Australian “fishing” bats that feeds by trawling its specially adapted feet along the water’s surface for aquatic invertebrates and fish.

The species, found roosting under the deck expansion joint of Rawdon Island Bridge, is listed as Vulnerable under the Biodiversity Conservation Act 2016.

The bridge required urgent repairs after post-flood inspection in 2021. Port Macquarie-Hastings Council engaged a specialist to prepare and implement a microbat management plan to guide construction works and minimise potential impacts on the species.  The plan includes:

  • Monitoring by observation through the use of CCTV and remote access
  • Acoustic monitoring to ensure the noise limits around the microbats are maintained to acceptable levels

The implementation of the Microbat Management Plan has resulted in the bridge repairs continuing while ensuring there are no significant impacts to the threatened microbats. 

Rawdon Island microbat

Watch this one-minute video in night vision of the microbats monitoring on the Rawdon Island bridge.

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