Road worker safety

Roadworks and repairs occur to keep our town safe and well-maintained.  There are many actions that the community can take to keep our roadworkers safe during these times of repair. Road safety is everyone’s responsibility so let’s keep each other safe out there. Below are our key safety messages.

Slowdown, Road workers around

With a number of road works planned in our region, we urge you to follow the enforceable speed limits, and watch out for workers. If you see one in progress, make sure to follow the speed signs and be mindful of people working near roads.

Roadside Slashing

 PMHC maintains over 1,300 km of roads, and that includes roadside vegetation. We have an annual roadside slashing program for sealed roads to control weeds and vegetation on our rural roads.

Keep our traffic controllers safe

As roadworks and repairs continue across our region, remember to:
✔️ Slow down when you see road workers.
✔️ Follow the signs and instructions from traffic controllers.
Did you know?

In NSW, 44% of casualties that involve road workers occur in regional NSW? 

Slowdown and follow the signs

As major roadworks and repairs are on-going, you will see more of our road workers out and about.
Make sure to slow down and follow the speed signs to keep them and our fellow road users safe.
Roadworker safety (3)

Every KM Counts

Casual speeding is the biggest cause of deaths and serious injuries on NSW roads.
We need to stop being casual about speeding and keep each other safe. If you see road works ahead, slow down and follow the signs.

For additional information of Port Macquarie Hastings Councils road projects, click here 

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