Tips for a Greener Getaway

bath towels being placed on a bed
Reuse bath towels when on holidays at hotels

It’s no secret to us that Port Macquarie is a holiday lover’s dream location!

From a coastal escape exploring sun-soaked beaches to chasing waterfalls in the breathtaking hinterland, the Port Macquarie region is the perfect holiday or stay-cation destination. Whether you are visiting us, or jet-setting off to see the world we have six tips below to be a more eco-conscious visitor.
Reduce water usage
Take shorter showers and turn the tap off while cleaning your teeth. Choose to reuse towels and bed linen. Select a hotel that prioritises water saving initiatives.
Be plastic-free
Take your own toiletries to avoid using the ‘tiny toiletries’ supplied by many hotels. Choose accommodation providers that use refillable canisters for shampoo, conditioners and body washes. Shampoo, conditioner and soap bars are even better (and there will be no accidental suitcase spills either!)
Off-set your carbon footprint
You can do this through your accommodation or airline. Explore your destination using public transport for a greener alternative and a unique view of your destination.
Be mindful of the seasons
Choose local produce in season as well as locally produced goods.
Avoid contributing to over tourism
Choose to travel in the off season of your destination, choose places that are off the beaten track and be considerate of local communities.
Choose environmentally friendly sun protection
Some sunscreens might be harming marine life and coral reefs. Try to avoid using chemical sunscreens with ingredients like oxybenzone and octinoxate. Instead, consider covering up more by wearing wetsuits, rashies, hats and using an umbrella for shade. You can find UV protective clothing and shade equipment at many retailers. Apply sunscreen on areas of exposed skin.
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