Weed of the Month April 2022 : Madeira Vine

Madeira vine is a highly invasive weed from South America that has experienced a dramatic growth surge in the Hastings region with our wet summer.


Madeira vine spreads and grows very fast and is capable of bringing down the tree canopy and smothering everything in sight. It has large, round and thick leaves, with a brown stem that twines around other plants. It grows knobbly tubers along the stem and underground. It is flowering prolifically at the moment with long cream-coloured spikes of tiny flowers, although it does not produce seed in Australia. Madeira spreads via the tubers that readily fall off the vine when disturbed. It is easily transported in water, through gravity or by dumping of green waste.

Madeira vine is unfortunately common and unlikely to be eradicated from our region, however we can manage this fast-growing vine to prevent it from damaging our properties, spreading to neighbours or escaping into the environment.

Council’s Weed Biosecurity display has moved from Wauchope to Port Macquarie library. Visit Port library for displays and take-home information on weeds, plus you can get up close and personal with our weed of the month – Madeira vine!

Control options are detailed on the NSW government website via the button below and Council’s Biosecurity Officer is happy to provide advice to help you bring this nasty weed under control.

To learn more about the Madeira Vine: https://weeds.dpi.nsw.gov.au/Weeds/MadeiraVine 

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