Weed of the Month February 2023: Glory Lily Flower

The stunning flower on this lily hides its highly toxic and invasive nature.

Native to Africa & Asia, Glory lily has been grown for its bright ornamental flower display. It is no longer sold as it has proven to be highly invasive, especially in sandy soils, forming dense infestations in the coastal dunes and rainforest understory. All parts of Glory lily are also highly toxic to humans and animals, and have caused death when ingested. It should never be handled (dug or pulled out) with bare hands.

 Glory lily (Gloriosa superba) is a scrambling climber with long stems and tendrils which form at the ends of each leaf. It uses these tendrils to clamber over surrounding vegetation and climb up to 4m. Glory lily stems shoot from a long underground tuber each year, flowering and seeding over summer before dying back each winter.  The flowers are large, showy red to orange-yellow, with wavy edges curving upwards. Below the petals are six long stamens, which develop into a large green capsule in which the seeds develop.

 Glory lily is a priority weed on the North Coast. It must be contained but is difficult to control. Individual plants may be dug out, taking care to locate and remove the entire tuber. Further information and control options are detailed in the NSW WeedWise app, which is free to download, or on the website here: NSW WeedWise

 If you find this weed on your property, Council’s Biosecurity Officer is happy to provide advice to help you bring this nasty weed under control.  

Click here to find out how to report a weed.

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