Community Recycling Centre video series

car pulled up and parked in a Community Recycling Centre with waste drop stations marked in the background, such as paint, batteries and smoke detectors

What happens to problem waste after we drop it off?

With funding and support from the Environment Protection Authority (EPA), Midwaste together with other local councils (including Port Macquarie Hastings), have developed a series of videos to help demonstrate and explain what can be dropped off for free at our local Community Recycling Centre and waste transfer facilities. 

The series covers some of the common items we have around our home that can be dropped off for free at one of our five local waste transfer facilities.  There are five videos in the series each with a focus on a problem waste item; batteries, oil, paint, gas and lights. The videos detail the importance of these items being disposed of in a safe and sustainable way and gives viewers an insight as to what happens to the waste item after it’s been dropped there.

Community Recycling Centre video series: Problem waste

For a more detailed list of what you can drop off for free visit Port Macquarie Hastings Website under “Drop off For Free“.  Visit Midwaste’s website to find excellent information and resources to guide and support best practice with waste management, including their What Goes Where section.  

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