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Our repair directory connects community with local businesses who provide repair services – supporting a circular economy, helping reduce waste and sending less to landfill.

Broken corners due to falling off walls are common, Framer Scott can offer multiple suggestions for this.

Sunset Framing can refinish old frames, replace broken glass, fix corners after falling off walls and more. If your picture frame is damaged from accident, weather or age then bring it in and our framer will assess it and give you an obligation free quote on repair.

We can also repair what’s in the frame. If photos are faded or artwork has spotting or mold, maybe an old football jersey has gone moldy in the frame due to weather, we can offer quotes to repair these types of items also.

If the frame is too damaged to repair we can still look at what elements can be reused in a new framing set up, such as the glass or matting. If it has sentimental value we can find ways to incorporate parts of the old framing into the new to retain sentiment also. We can be your one stop framing and art repair shop.

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2/25 Central Road
Port Macquarie
  • Replacing the glass in frames is one of the most common repairs we do, mostly due to not being hung correctly or using sticky hooks.
  • If the contents of your frame are damaged or aged, bring them in for a restoration assessment

Please note: Listings must be for repair services by a local business or organisation in the Port Macquarie-Hasting region. All submissions will be reviewed prior to going live on the site.  While we make every effort to maintain accurate information, please be aware that the details provided on our platform are supplied by the businesses themselves. We update listings annually each November, but we strongly recommend that customers conduct their own due diligence to verify the accuracy of the information. Please contact our Education team should you have any questions on these guidelines.

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