Getting Started

Meet the Hastings Family

You’ll see the Hastings Family pop up throughout these lessons to help you head towards becoming a Which Bin Warrior. But, just like everyone, they had to learn the rules of what goes in which bin (and help each other along the way!). Check out the video below, where Harry Hastings gets help from his family to sort his waste.

As you can see, Harry’s still learning what goes in which bin. Do you know?

Check out what you already know about sorting waste by helping Harry move his waste items into the right bins. Don’t worry if you don’t get them all right! That’s why we’ve built this module – full of fun lessons to help you become a Which Bin Warrior!

How did you go? 
We don’t expect you to have it all correct…that’s what these lessons are for! And you’ll have a chance to try this activity again towards the end of the module.

And…if you happened to sort all Harry’s waste – well done! We still recommend checking out the lessons that follow because they’re packed with loads of info that even some of our best Waste Warriors didn’t know before completing this module.

Click “next” to boost your waste vocabulary with our ‘Waste Words’ lesson.

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