hand placing a flurescent ligh globe into a recycling bin at waste transfer station

CRC video series: Problem waste – light globes

Community Recycling Centres have been designed to collect and appropriately dispose of household problem waste items.  There are five locations in the Port Macquarie Hastings region where you can drop off your problem waste. 

 The video below is one of five videos that encourage the use of our local Community Recycling Centres (CRCs) focusing on one of the many types of waste that you can DROP OFF FOR FREE! This video share what you can do with fluorescent light globes and what happens to them after you drop them off.

Did you know ...

  • Fluorescent light globes can be dropped for free at your local CRC.
  • Recyclers crush the globes to recycle metal, glass, phosphor and mercury to use again in industry and manufacturing.
  • Extracting these elements from old globes means we reduce digging up new materials, energy is saved, and hazardous waste is kept out of the environment.

This video was created by Midwastein conjunction with a group of local regional councils including Port Macquarie Hasting Council, as part of a project funded by the NSW EPA Waste Less Recycle More waste levy. 


Interactive Water Map

This map has been developed to give the community insight into the complex and often overlooked water and wastewater infrastructure

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