Feral deer: what to look for and how to report

Feral deer can be elusive and hard to manage. Local Land Services and Port Macquarie Hastings staff work closely with agency partners, landholders and the community to understand and limit their impacts. Watch this video to learn how to spot the signs and evidence of deer in the area. Become familiar with the types of information and evidence that can prove helpful in providing valuable information and assisting with control efforts.

Deer Species

The Feral Deer scan website has a section details the different deer species:

Download the Feral Scan App and report sightings to help us manage feral deer and their impact on the environment. 


This video was developed by Local Land Services NSW with support from the Port Macquarie Council and local farmers.


Interactive Water Map

This map has been developed to give the community insight into the complex and often overlooked water and wastewater infrastructure

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