Simple Ways to Reduce Your Plastic Use

Our beautiful coastline is one of the defining features of the Port Macquarie-Hastings region, but it is suffering from the growing problem of plastic pollution, which harms marine ecosystems and our natural surroundings.

Every piece of plastic that makes its way into our oceans impacts marine life and the health of our environment. 

Join us in making a pledge to reduce ocean plastics and become a part of the solution. 

We can all play a part in protecting our beaches, waterways, and marine ecosystems by taking simple actions in our daily lives. Below are eight pledges to inspire you, with practical steps you can take to make a difference. 

By adopting even just one of these actions, you can help protect our coastline and contribute to a healthier environment for everyone.

Which pledge will you choose to help you make a change?

1. Refuse single-use plastics
Refusing single-use plastic and unnecessary packaging is one of the best ways to reduce your plastic use. Visit Plastic Free July to make your month-long pledge, creating lifelong habits to reduce your plastic use.

3. Write to suppliers to encourage positive change
Your voice can make a difference. Write to your favourite brands, requesting they use less plastic packaging. Support brands that commit to reducing their plastic footprint through sustainable packaging.

5. Purchase second hand
Buying second-hand items reduces demand for new products and often results in less plastic. By shopping at your local op shop or online marketplace, you’re giving an item a second life and often supporting a good cause.

7. Leave no trace
Properly disposing of waste is essential to prevent litter from reaching our oceans. Always use bins correctly, secure your rubbish so it doesn’t blow away, and avoid overfilling bins to ensure all waste stays contained.

2. Choose to reuse
Investing in reusable items like drink bottles, coffee cups, utensils and reusable shopping bags significantly reduces the amount of plastic you use. Many cafes even offer discounts to reward you for your eco-friendly action! 

4. Repair or upcycle old items
Extending the life of your belongings reduces waste. Visit our repair directory to find local business ready to mend your broken items. Upcycle old items into something new and useful instead of throwing them away.

6. Less is more
Before you make a purchase, stop and think: do you need this? Do you need this much? Is there a better alternative? Mindful consumption goes a long way to reducing unnecessary waste and living more sustainable.

8. #Take3ForTheSea
The small action of picking up 3 pieces of litter each time you visit your favourite outdoor space can have a big impact on reducing plastic pollution. Visit Take 3 for the Sea to learn more about joining the movement.

Keen to spread the word in your school or workplace?

Download our pledge poster to help promote these 8 tips for reducing plastic use. 

By adopting these pledges and incorporating these actions into your daily life, you are contributing to a cleaner, healthier, and more sustainable Port Macquarie Hastings. Together, we can make a significant impact on reducing ocean plastics and protecting our local environment.


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