School Programs

Port Macquarie-Hastings Council’s free preschool and school programs empower our children and youth with localised knowledge and skills that support them in becoming responsible and sustainably-minded active citizens in our local community.

We offer a range of talks, incursions, excursions across waste management, water conservation, and natural environment topics. We’re also always happy to have a chat about any needs or ideas you have and will do our best to tailor-make a facility tour or school visit to suit!

Early Childhood Education Program

Suitable for ages 4+ (max 30 children / session)

We’re on a mission to send less waste to landfill and we’re calling on our young children to help! In this interactive workshop, we’ll explain why too much waste is a problem, learn a fun song to help us reduce, reuse and recycle, and take a look at how we can use our household yellow bins to ‘recycle right’, so that we can send less to landfill.

Workshop suitable for ages 4+ (max 30 children / session)
Whizzy can also visit other rooms with a song & dance!

Combining storytelling, movement, and practical tips, a visit from Whizzy and our Education Officers is a fun way to engage children in water conservation education. Together, we’ll explore why every drop counts and how we can all do our bit at home and in our community to reduce our water use.

Suitable for ages 3+ (max 30 children / session)

Each year we partner with the Little Blue Dinosaur Foundation to promote the “Holiday Time” campaign. This campaign promotes child pedestrian safety, with a focus on the school holiday period. The program reminds children and their carers to hold hands near roads and around our busy areas and prompts drivers to take care and be alert for kids – when driving during busy holiday periods.

This year we are also offering all Early Childhood and Primary Education providers a free talk and activity session, along with a free “Tom’s Holiday” picture book to add to their library to teach children how to be safe near roads, especially during holiday periods.

To book a session with one of our educators, please complete the enquiry form above. You will receive a copy of your free book during the session.

Just after a free copy of the book? You can order a copy via booking form found in our Little Blue Dinasour BlogEd post.

Primary Education Program

Please feel free to complete our booking enquiry form (button below) and place comments in the notes as to the sort of program you’re interested in – we’re always happy & keen to develop a program around your learning needs!


Suitable for all ages (max 30 students / session)

We’re calling on our local students to ‘rethink waste’ to help us send less to landfill! In this interactive workshop, students will learn about where our waste goes and why too much waste is a problem, before jumping into some fun and interactive activities that begin to unpack the Waste Hierarchy, looking at the 3 R’s, Reduce, Reuse & Recycle, and getting creative with some ‘upcycling’ ideas to turn waste into resources, giving them a second life.

We also encourage you to share our new competition with your student – “Rethink Waste Upcycling Challenge”. Our workshop is a fun and interactive way to introduce the competition and encourage entries.

Suitable for Stage 2+ (max 30 students / session)

Figuring out what can go in which bin can be tricky! Our Recycle Right workshop helps students understand why we recycle, introduces them to the problems of “wishcycling”, unpacks the basic rules of recycling through our household yellow bins, and promotes additional ways to recycle for those tricky items that don’t belong in our household bins.

Suitable for Stage 3+ (max 30 students / session)

Keen to head out and about with your students to help them learn about the impact of waste and importance of learning to Recycle Right? Book in a tour to our Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) where we’ll take a short bus trip around the facility and drop into the Education Room to chat about the “how’s” and “why’s” of recycling in our local area.


Suitable for Stage Early Stage 1 + (max 30 students / session)

Even in our wettest seasons, it’s really important we maintain good water saving habits. In this session, students explore the phrase, “every drop counts”, taking a look at why water is precious and how we can all play a role in reducing our use so that we have plenty of fresh, drinking water now and for generations to come.

Suitable for Early Stage 1+ (max 30 students / session)

Ever wondered where our water comes from and how it reaches our taps? This workshop goes beyond the natural water cycle to introduce students to our local urban water cycle – the infrastructure we manage to take water from our rivers and deliver it to our homes, schools, businesses and other community facilities. The session includes the use of our virtual water facility tours, bringing Cowarra Dam, our pump stations and our other facilities into your classroom!

Suitable for Early Stage 1+
Ideal group size no more than 50 students. Please contact us for special arrangements for larger groups.

We know so many students have missed out on the opportunity for excursions over the past couple of years so we’re thrilled to be re-launching this old favourite! Take a trip out to Cowarra Dam where we’ll take students on a VIP walk along the dam and out to the tower, explore the cultural history and significance of the site, learn about and create our own totem art, and chat about ways we can all ensure that every drop counts.

Download our Cowarra Dam Excursion brochure here to learn more.

Our Natural Environment

Suitable for Stage Early Stage 1 + (max 30 students / session)

With over 170 threatened species in our local area, this presentation brings our students on a journey across our local ecological communities to learn about what we can all do to help protect and conserve our local flora and fauna.

Recycled Water Plant

Secondary Education Program

Details coming soon!

In the meantime, please feel free to complete our booking enquiry form and place comments in the notes as to the sort of program you’re interested in – we’re always happy & keen to develop a program around your learning needs!

Our online learning hub, ConnectEd Kids, brings learning to your classroom in a fun and interactive virtual environment! Our first module of our Waste Warriors program is now live and our Water Wise modules are due for release soon.

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