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Waste and recycling

How are your Return and Earn efforts adding up?

The Port Macquarie Hastings area have collectively recycled a staggering 133,112,738 containers through Return and Earn. But what does this impressive number really mean? Let’s break it down.

water weeds

Weed of the Month: Water Weeds

When it comes to the many weeds we deal with in the North Coast region, water weeds are in a class of their own regarding spread, impact and control.​

bath towels being placed on a bed

Tips for a Greener Getaway

It’s no secret to us that Port Macquarie is a holiday lover’s dream location! From a coastal escape exploring sun-soaked beaches to chasing waterfalls in


Interactive Water Map

Be one of the first to view our new interactive water map. Click around and get a tour inside some of our water and wastewater

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