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General Resource Links

In addition to the resources you’ll find on this page, you’ll also find quality resources on these websites:

Waste Education

ConnectEd Kids 'Waste Warriors' E-learning platform

This free digital waste education platform is a part of Port Macquarie-Hastings’ Waste Education program can be run as a fully self-directed learning activity for students in upper primary and high school, or used as a resource for you to curate teacher-led waste education lessons or programs. The first module ‘Get Which Bin Wise’ focuses on teaching students the importance of sorting waste into the correct bins, and what doesn’t belong in any of our household bins. New modules on waste reduction, food waste, and circular economy coming in 2022.

'Waste Warriors' Colouring Pack

A great opportunity to re-visit waste education with your students, while offering a fun and relaxing activity!
Keen for more Waste Ed fun and games? Check out the find-a-words and crossword puzzles over on the Waste Warriors platform

Video Links

What Happens to Stuff in my Yellow Bin
Best suited for: Stage 2 +

It’s important to put the right items in your recycling bin. The process behind what happens to your recycling bin when it’s taken away is shown in this entertaining educational video. 

What Happens to waste in my Green Bin?
Best suited for: Stage 2 +

What happens to the stuff in your green bin once it gets collected? Let the Hastings family show you how your green bin waste is turned into compost.

Other Waste Education Resources

Sustainable Schools NSW
Best suited for: All ages

Sustainable Schools NSW aims to connect environmental educators with relevant resources, interactive lessons and a like-minded community to help spread the important message of sustainability to future generations.

Sustainable Schools is managed by the Australian Association for Environmental Education NSW

The Circular Classroom
Best suited for: High School

The Circular Classroom is a free interactive educational toolkit for upper secondary high school educators and students to integrate circular thinking into the classroom. Designed by Dr. Leyla Acaroglu in consultation with upper secondary Finnish educators and students, this program supports the active discovery of the necessary thinking and doing tools for a future career in the Circular Economy.

Water Education

Water Conservation Colouring Pack

A great opportunity to re-visit water education with your students, while offering a fun and relaxing activity!
More water education fun and games coming soon!

Send this pack home with your students to help families spot ways they can save water in the house and around the garden!

ConnectEd Kids 'Water Whiz' E-learning platform!

Find fun activities and resources to help you learn about why our water is precious and how you can play your part in making every drop count, so that together, we can make sure we have enough clean water now and into our future!

Video Links

'After the Drain' Animated Picture Book
Best suited for: Primary School

Help your students learn what happens after they flush the toilet with this fun, animated and narrated picture book.

Waste Water Self-Guided Tour
Best suited for: High School

Take a self-guided virtual tour by visiting our interactive Lake Cathie/Bonny Hills wastewater virtual map.

Environmental Education

Video & Virtual Tour Links

Kooloonbung Creek Flying Fox Camp - 360 Interactive Video
Best suited for: All ages

A 360 interactive video experience of the Flying Fox camp at Kooloonbung Creek Flying Fox Camp. Try viewing it with a VR headset for an immersive birds eye view of the flying foxes at rest.

Kooloonbung Creek Flying Fox Camp Virtual Discovery Tour

Best suited for: Middle Primary +

An interactive learning experience to help students learn about flying foxes, why they’re so important for our ecosystem, and how we can protect their natural environment.

Stormwater Management & Maintenance Talk
Best suited for: Senior High School

Senior stormwater engineer, Mark Edenborough, discusses how we manage and maintain our stormwater facilities, technological developments, best practice systems.

Other Environment Education Resources

Koala Smart - Koala Conservation education program
Best suited for: Primary and Secondary School

A free project based learning program designed to inspire, motivate and educate primary and secondary school children to actively participate and create change to reverse the decline in koala populations using design thinking and advocacy. 

FrogID - Citizen Science
Best suited for: Primary and Secondary School

An initiative of the Australian Museum, FrogID is a national citizen science project that is helping us learn more about what is happening to Australia’s frogs. the website provides a wide range of free, curriculum-mapped teaching resources, and hosts a leaderboard for schools participating in this Citizen Science project.

FeralScan app - Pest Mapping Citizen Science

Best suited for: Upper Primary and Secondary School

Powered by the Centre for Invasive Species Solutions, the Feral Scan app allows users to record pest animal activity in your local area to protect farms, biodiversity and communities. N.B: this project can be confronting for students. Please consider whether it is suitable for your class.

NSW WeedWise App - Weed Biosecurity

Best suited for: Upper Primary and Secondary School

Weed biosecurity is important to protect our environment. This app is a wonderful interactive learning resource to help students identify a weed by its physical description and image gallery, and find out about its impacts, where it occurs, how it spreads and its preferred habitat. A video on how to use the app can be found on the Reporting Weeds page of the Port Macquarie-Hastings Council website.

CoastSnap App - Coastal Management Citizen Science

Best suited for: All age groups

CoastSnap is a low-cost method for mapping shoreline change using smartphone images collected by the community and uploaded to social media platforms. This app can be incorporated into a specific school excursion to our coastline or used during school sport beach walk electives. The app is also referenced in one of the adventures of our Little Legends Passport activity booklet for early Primary students. A downloadable copy of this is available on ConnectEd Kids.

Road Safety & Transport Education

Safety Town
Best suited for: Primary School

Safety Town is a road safety education resource for teachers, students and families. It provides a variety of interactive learning activities for students from Kindergarten to Year 6. Teachers are provided with comprehensive teaching notes to support the use of the interactive activities, and support learning as part of PDHPE, English and Mathematics.

The program is funded by the Centre for Road Safety, Transport for NSW. It is a partnership with the Association of Independent Schools, Catholic Education Commission, Department of Education, and Kids and Traffic Early Childhood Road Safety Education Program.

Little Blue Dinasour
Best suited for: Primary School

The Little Blue Dinosaur is developing activities and programs for schools to educate their students about pedestrian roadway safety at home and on holidays.
These resources target children’s limited cognitive abilities in an appealing and interactive manner.

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