Yellow Bin

Learn to ‘Recycle Right’!

Remember – the size, shape, and type of material we can recycle through our yellow bin is based on what our machines can sort and process, and what staff can safely hand sort. We also want to make sure that what we recycle is clean enough so that manufacturers receive good quality material to turn into something new. So, there are some simple rules you can stick with:

Keep it loose. Keep it clean. Keep it simple.

Can you match the rule with its meaning?

Keep recycling simple with these 4 groups:

Paper & Cardboard

Newspapers, magazines, books, egg cartons, carboard boxes and packing boxes. Always flatten your boxes before putting them in your yellow bin

Glass Bottles & Jars

Stick to clear, green or brown glass only and do your best not to break them as you place them in your yellow bin. Please also remove any lids and place them in your red bin.

Steel & Aluminium Cans

Wash food tins before placing them in your yellow bin. Aerosol cans MUST be empty before being recycled. Tins or cans with paint inside should be dropped off at your waste transfer staton instead.

Plastic Bottles & Containers

Look for symbols 1-7. Always wash out any food or drink. Remove the lids and place those into your red bin.

Some plastics cannot go in our yellow bins!

Here are some plastics that CANNOT go in our yellow bins:

> Plastic bags, bread bags, and other soft plastic wrapping.
> Foam trays including meat trays, boxes and cups even if numbered 1-7.
> Polystyrene even if numbered 1-7.
The only household bin these items can go in is your red bin.

Here are some other things that cannot go in your yellow bin.

Click on the question marks to learn where they belong.

That's a lot of info! So let's take a quick review with the Hastings Family

Time for some fun!

Can you find the items that go in the yellow bin?

Time to move onto the red bin. Click ‘next’ to continue. 

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