4. Green Bin

See if you can spot the things in the picture below that can go in your green bin.  

Hint: Remember your green bin is for organics, which is anything that comes from a plant or animal that can breakdown naturally in the environment 

Well done! All your organic garden waste, including weeds, leaves, grass clippings, dead flowers, small sticks and twigs can go into your green bin to be sent off for composting. 

Now let’s take a look at your food waste. 

What food scraps can go in your kitchen tidy bin? 
That’s simple – all of them! Avoiding or reducing food waste is best but anything left over can go in your kitchen tidy bin which can then get emptied into your green bin. Remember! No plastic packaging, sticky tape, or labels.

Can other bags be used in the kitchen tidy bin?


The cornstarch bags are safe for composting because they are made from organic material and can breakdown safely amongst the organics. Other bags, even if they are labeled “biodegradable”, can have nasty chemicals in them which might not be ok for our green bins. So always stick with the free cornstarch bags Council provides.

Check your knowledge!

The best option is to reduce your food waste in the first place!

Remember: no plastic bags or non-organic containers

You can place your garden waste straight into your green bin without bagging or containing it. Your food waste can also go into your green bin loosely, or you can use Council’s free cornstarch bags (look for the Council logo to make sure they’re the right bags) . Please do not place plastic bags, containers, or other non-organic items into your green bin as this creates contamination. 

Time for some fun!

Can you find the items that go in the green bin?

Ok, let’s take a look at what can go in your yellow bin. Click “next” to continue 

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