Feral deer: issues, impacts and what you can do

Feral deer are an introduced species and causing widespread damage to our environment, local farms and backyards, as well as serious traffic risks. Hear about this issue, their impacts and what you can do to help.

Deer are the fastest growing pest is our area.

They are not native to our forests and the forests are not evolved to cope with them.  The deer will eat anything, browsing on young seedlings effecting the continuation of species in the area.

Deer also do damage when they rub against trees and are impacting residential gardens and local farms, and native bushland. 

Report sightings of feral deer in your area through the Feral Scan App to help us manage feral deer and their impact on the environment. 

This video was developed by Local Land Services NSW with support from the Port Macquarie Council and local farmers and landcare volunteers.


Interactive Water Map

This map has been developed to give the community insight into the complex and often overlooked water and wastewater infrastructure

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