Borrow a Flying Fox Box (for free!)

An interactive resource kit, available for free hire, to help your students learn about the vital role flying foxes play in the survival of our eucalypt and rainforest ecosystems.

Why use this kit?

Despite the bad rap, these beautiful and important creatures often get for their not-so-friendly smells and sounds, flying foxes (a type of megabat) play an extremely important role in our local environment. 

The Port Macquarie-Hastings area plays host to one of the biggest flying fox camps in Australia, with the largest camp currently located in Kooloonbung Creek Nature Reserve. Much work is done by Council and local environmental groups to protect these key pollinators, but in order to really ensure their future protection, we’re working hard to help bust myths and boost the reputation of our furry friends across our community.

This educational kit, developed by Council’s education team in collaboration with our in-house ecologist, provides learning activities and resources to help educate, promote, and celebrate these often much maligned mammals, helping students learn about the important role flying foxes play in our environment and why we need to work together to ensure they are protected and their habitats maintained

What's included in the Flying Fox Box?


The activity suggestions and worksheets included in this kit are currently targetted at Primary level, but the Box can be borrowed across all learning stages. We welcome ideas on extending the included resources, and will be aiming to do so in the coming months.

Each box is designed to cater to a classroom of up to 30 students. We have 6 boxes available for hire.

The Flying Fox Box is the first loanable physical resource produced by the ConnectEd education team. We are working on a range of other resources and look forward to making them available as soon as possible! Keen to be informed about new resources when they become available? Sign up to our Stay Connected newsletter to stay in the loop!

The Adventures of Frankie the Flying Fox

Our Flying Fox Boxes invites you to take our mascot, Frankie, on adventures, documenting the learning journey in the shared journal included inside the box. Check out some of Frankie’s adventures so far!


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