Native Plant of the Month : Crinum Pedunculatum

Crinum pedunculatum, commonly known as Swamp Lily, is found naturally along coastal Queensland and New South Wales, as far south as Newcastle, along streams and tidal areas.

Versatile and Hardy

This large lily is a very versatile and hardy plant. It can be grown in a wide range of conditions from full sun to half shade or more. It tolerates poor drainage and clay soils and can be planted successfully under established eucalypts. It is suitable for coastal areas, being tolerant of salt winds. It is hardy enough to use in street planting and around commercial shopping precincts.

It makes a great feature plant for the home garden, showing off its large strap- like fleshy leaves and the football-sized heads of mainly white spidery blooms are sweetly fragrant. Mature plants often flower twice during summer. It flowers well in containers, attracts birds and butterflies, and is fire retardant! The flowers are carried in dense clusters containing 10 to 25 white flowers. Individual blooms are about 10 cm across, and perfumed. They flower from about November to March. Flower clusters are on stalks about 50 cm long.

Landcare Planting

On our sites they are planted on creek edges, storm water drains, in swamp areas, at the beach, on the cliffs, just about anywhere. They are easily grown from seed, which should be kept moist.

Garden Pests

Though hardy, these plants may end up as food for a couple of garden pests. The smooth black, white and yellow striped caterpillars of the moth Spodoptera picta may demolish a young plant very quickly. Also, snails and slugs find the leaves tasty. Of course this activity attracts the attention of the birds we love to see in our garden.

Available at the Landcare nursery

The nursery has a wide supply native plants available, including the Crinum pendunculatum. Learn more about the nursery at

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